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The Vision

                                                                                            Author: Patricia Duarte

  God gave me a vision long before my first trip to Gonaives to talk about starting a new mission. But I kept dismissing it because I did not think I would return to Haiti at my age. But he had other plans. Several time, in my dreams I would see a guest house in Haiti, but had no idea the meaning of it. Several time God showed me the orphaned children, and the abandoned elderly women. Then when a young man , I knew from another mission, kept asking me to come back to Haiti and he introduced me to his pastor, we started talking on line about starting a mission.... after talking to them both I realized that the young man wanted a future in education and seemed to have a heart for his people to learn. The pastors dreams were more like mine, to make a better place for the children and the elderly, a school, a church in an area that had not one church. Then there was a guest house for missionaries..... so the vision began, we are working together, praying, and knowing that God is in control, and His word never goes void. My vision is now in order.... Build a Village. First a church and school, then a mission house, small homes for grandmas taking care of the orphaned children, making them a family., a medical unit with all the supplies and regular nurse and doctor visits. The we need a school, gardens, farm animals, fresh clean water. At my age I may never see all this done, but I know that God will put the right people in place to give and carry out the vision. For now I press on with the vision God set me in.

     My Father's House Christian Mission

     Grace Abundant Village of Gonaives

  • Church - Raising Building Funds (foundation done) July 21

  • School -Institute Mixte Patricia Duarte (School Started Sept. 21)

  • Safe Water

  • Mission Guest House

  • Small Homes for Grandmas with Orphans

  • 3 More Plots of Land

  • Gardens & Farm Animals

  • Medical Unit

  • Van for Missionaries and outings for children.

  • Stop Malnutrition

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