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Mwen Pa Kapab Pale Kreyol (I Can't Speak Creole)

Being a missionary in Haiti for several year, I still can't speak the creole language. Yes I can speak a few words, and understand some phrases. Then when I try to speak it causes such a laughing uproar that I have no idea what I just said. So let me tell you the translators are worth their weight in gold. The one thing you don't want to get wrong is the reason God sent spread the Gospel of Christ...., especially when you are standing in front of several hundred people. The other thing is to be sure your interpreter is Christian and know his Bible and can understand what you are trying to convey. I have been around long enough to know if what they are telling others of what I am saying is right or not. Some of the Haitian students, can read perfect English, but have no understanding of the Language. And because of this I am very particular who translates for my groups.

We are fortunate to have these wonderful young men to translate for us.

Joanes Joseph

Language Professor Miselor Derilus

Language Professor

Jacquelin Présumé Student

Wesner Petit-Frère Student, & Teaches English, Spanish, & French


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