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Message from MFHCM President

Time is running out. Each of us will walk on the planet a number of days. We all have a limited number of breaths and precise heartbeats to offer. The question is: what will you do with those years, months, weeks, days and minutes that God has given you? What mission will define your life? For what reasons will you be remembered? What legacy will you leave to your loved ones, your family, and future generations? The answers are in you. In a society inhabited by skepticism and cynicism, every man is thirsty to seek, discover or believe in an absolute. Whether positive or negative, there is no limit to the goals we set for ourselves. They must satisfy both our commitment, our passions, our money and our time. We have our families, our property and our work. Then come our commitments to causes that are important to us, such as social causes, injustice, inequity or climate change ... The list is endless. But I firmly believe that there is a greater cause than all others, a cause that, lived to the point of fulfillment, would have an impact on all areas of our lives. This commitment gives meaning, direction and purpose to each of our days; it influences our choices and decisions, puts our children on the road to victory, and can potentially reach everyone who crosses our path. It is the mission that Jesus Christ desired for our life. There is no bigger goal on the whole planet. Thus the My Father’s House Christian in Gonaïves Haiti aims to evangelize and strengthen vulnerable communities by bringing together actors in health, education and gender-based violence. With its partners in Haiti and the United States of America, to support vulnerable people by providing quality health care, social economic reintegration support and psycho-social support, promote integration and protection vulnerable people in their community. Our values ​​and actions are guided by the Christian values ​​of brotherhood and equality. These values ​​commit us to a deep respect for human beings, regardless of their culture, origin or denomination. It is in this context that we envisage solidarity. These same values ​​inspire our conception of partnership, built in the spirit of exchange and respecting the priorities of each. My Father’s House Christian Mission is about transparency and reliability. It is important for our partners and for ourselves to build our cooperation on trust and transparency. The Christian mission wants to achieve this transparency by: honesty in our communications, coherence between our words and our actions. We are looking forward to all the missionaries who want to visit us at the mission, you help is so needed.

God Bless You All

Pastor Luccee Lutes

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