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Medical Students Outlook for Haiti

Hi everybody!

My name is Rikinson Joseph, I am in 4th year of Medical School this year. I want to take this opportunity to wish a Happy New Year to everyone. I would like to give a special thanks to Patricia and Ceaser Duarte and Dr. Jacoby for their contribution to my support.

You are not unaware that medicine is the science whose object is the study, the treatment, the prevention of diseases; art of putting, maintaining or restoring a living being in the best health conditions. This year in My Father's House Christian Mission, we would like to inform you that in addition to the education of small children, health in cities and communities is one of our top priorities in the 21st century. Haiti's health situation challenges people through the climb, according to a report by the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) (A universal truth: There is no health without health personnel), According to the results of this survey, Haiti occupies the last position of the ranking with a population of 11 000 000 inhabitants, with only 3.5 health professionals per 10,000 inhabitants, behind Guyana (11.2), Guatemala (12.5), Honduras (13.6) and Bolivia (14.1).

One of the major challenges in achieving universal health coverage is ensuring that all, especially the most vulnerable and remote populations, have access to qualified and culturally competent health personnel.

On this occasion, we ask you again this new year 2019, you who have enough and even enough to live to come to the aid of those who are in need for the daily bread and also to those who have needs for their medical training in Haiti.

Rikinson: Together, let's build the world.

Rikinson Joseph at Cape Haitian Medical School

Insert: Patricia Duarte

If you would like to sew into the education of one of our professional students, please contact me at myfathershousechristianmission@gmail .com or use paypal to this email address, earmark medical students or professional students.

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