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Secretary's Report of October 2018 Mission Trip

As you know, in fact I am the secretary of My Father’s House Christian Mission. I am proud to be part of the mission and I will be always. So, with regard to the October 2018 missionary trip to Haiti I received a lot experience and this experiences help me to move forward. The missionaries like Mrs. Patricia, Mrs. Brenda showed me a lot of fun without forgetting Dillion who makes me laugh all the time, Mrs. Patricia always advised me and this since from the same day she learned that I am secretary of this beautiful mission, all the leaders taught me how I can be an active part of this group, I can tell you that this is my first experience with a mission group and I like a lot. It is always a pleasure when Mrs. Patricia comes to Haiti with all the missionaries, she very hospitable, wise, etc. In fact it was an extraordinary mission trip, I hope that in the next mission trip to My Father’s House Christian Mission will be even more extraordinary.

Judeline Geffrard

Secretary of

My Father’s House Christian Mission

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