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Amazing Fall Mission Trip to Our Father's House Christian Mission

This was a very fast trip to Haiti , we left on Oct. 5, 2018 arrived in Port au Prince, Haiti on the 6th. There were only 3 of us on this mission trip with lots to do in just 5 days. What a wonderful team I had on this trip. Brenda Mosby took to the difference in culture like she had been there many times and was much love by the Haitian people. Dillion Alshire was such a trooper for a young man of 17 years. Dillion made many friends right away even with the difference in the culture and the Creole language. This was also Dillions first plane ride. By the time we left you would have thought he was a seasoned traveler.

If anyone has ever been to the Port au Prince air port you already know how confusing it can be once you step out of the air port. After getting all our baggage we headed out of the air port to connect with Pastor Lute and Wesner.....well low and behold they were not there.. I looked in the eyes of my two companions and saw the panic. I reassured them the Pastor would be there soon. I had to leave them alone with our bags and a couple of very impatient luggage helpers to check that our ride was not at the gate and we missed them somehow. Finally a call from Wesner that they were in a traffic jam and was almost there. By the time I got back to my two friends I saw them being embraced with a welcome hug from Pastor Lute and Wesner, I guess they were easy to recognize, I mean how many Americans do you see standing like they are lost in a strange country that they have never been in.

Leaving the air port we had a 3 hour drive ahead of us to Gonaives. This is such a beautiful drive along the cost of Haiti. We arrived at the Hotel check into our rooms very tired by this point. Brenda and Dillion decided to take a little nap as I had a meeting with the mission directors. Our meeting started out what looked like a beautiful afternoon in Gonaives, Haiti. We were just getting into our meeting when lo and behold....a 5.8 earthquake....being under an outside metal and pipe structure was a little scary as I watched it sway....tried to get up my chair fell and I fell over the chair....But all was well so we continued our meeting a little shook up....Brenda and Dillon were just tired enough that they were cozy in their beds, but felt the shaking.

But we were there ready to work on classrooms and VBS for 700 children., teaching American English at the professional school. Yes we were some tired puppies. But ready to do it again.

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