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Health Care In Haiti

Health is important in the daily activities of the Haitian people . Unfortunately everybody does not have access to any kind of health care. If a person gets injured,and is bleeding and arrives at the ER and the doctor says: 'Sorry, but you have to first go to the pharmacy to buy dressing, medicine and rubber gloves. Sometimes a simple asthma attack can be fatal just because the patient can't afford the inhaler or dies of malaria because he doesn't have the hospital fee and can't buy the medicine. In the future the My Father's House Christian Mission wants to be able to help the community with a health care that they can access with the purpose of the primary care to those who do not have means. The dream of this mission is to build a clinic, with a doctor on staff and nurses and to be able to give preventative care that can cure disease endemic in Haiti.I am looking forward to working with this mission when I graduate from medical school. We are counting on Your support and donations..

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