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February 2018 Mission Trip

My trip to Haiti started off with me not really knowing anything about the small mission in Gonaives. I was a little nervous because I really did not know anyone. But I also knew that there were people from other missions close by that I could contact if needed. I did have a travel companion Ms Mary Lou Goodsell decided she would like to go back to Haiti and I was pleased to have her come along. We landed in Port Au Prince and was met by Wesner and Pastor Lutes, right away I knew these were men of God. We all got acquainted during the drive to Gonaives. Pastor Lutes graciously gave us a place to stay in his home and his adopted daughter Sidlyn came to stay with us and take care of our every need. The church is a large rambling construction that has never really been finish. But oh how I felt the Spirit of the Lord in that airy church. We spent our days teaching English in the Oxford professional class at the school. Then these two old lady's did a Valentine Party VBS for 700 Children. Fun Fun Fun....thank God for their mothers who came to help. I was so impressed with this small mission, that I agreed to find them American Missionaries that would love to come and be part of teaching, preaching revivals, building and reapairs of-course the kids love VBS, Womens and Mens Conferences would be very much welcome. While I was there I checked out the closest hotel and found a very nice one just a mile away. I am so looking forward to my next trip in Oct. 2018.

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