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 Pastor Lutes Luccee, myself and the board member have now set up a program to help the orphans and the elderly in our area. As of now we are finding a place for the elderly (Grandmas) to live and with them we are putting children who are orphaned, or ones that live on the streets or have been dropped off at the mission. With this program we have created a family unit. Frightened and hungry children now have a parent who looks after them, elderly women are not lonely, and have a safe home and children to love and care for. The vision is to build small homes on our MFHCM property to house these precious grandmas and children. In doing all of this the need of shoes, clothing, food, school, rent are all very much  essential for their survival. Our grandmas will have one to four children, depending if there are siblings. To support a grandma see our how to help page.

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