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Our team of 3  ( Patricia Duarte, Brenda Mosby & Dillion Alshire)  took off from Madisonville, KY to the air port in Nashville, TN. We were prepared for everything that could happen. Candy, Candy and more candy, Brenda and I had all the supplies for VBS for 500-600 children. When we arrived in Port Au Prince, our ride was not there...but after a quick call , to find out there was a traffic jam, Pastor Lutes and Wesner was there very soon. The trip to Gonaives was nice and sunny the view of the beach area were lovely. We arrived at the hotel and I told my small group to get some rest, as I had a meeting to attend. As the directors meeting began, had just ordered bottled water for all .....and the ground starting shaking.  The earthquake was the strongest to hit Haiti since January 12, 2010 a 5.9 it was centered about 90 miles from us, but we sure felt it. Our table shook, everyone jump up and ran out from under the pavilion....except me, My chair fell over and I over the I just laid there telling God well if this the way I have to go, I am ready. It lasted just a couple of minutes, then all was well as they rush to pick me up....Brenda and Dillion were napping and was rudely woke up....then came searching for me. What a way to be welcomed to Haiti. Our meeting went very well, Pastor Lutes Luccee was installed as President, while Wesner is to go off the the University in Dominican Republic to study computer science. During the last few months we had come to an agreement with the owner of the land in the foot hills of Gonaives,  Which we now were the new owners. Now the plans would begin to first build a church.  We had a wonderful time, ministering, making friends, and of course our last day a trip to the beach. Dillion repaired a few of the blackboard, that needed much help. Brenda stayed busy with the VBS, Dillion was a great help to her...I love when young people go on mission trips, they love the kids and the kids love them.  Brenda  and I ministered at the Eglise Baptiste Conservatrice des Gonaives on Sunday with the help of our interpreter.  We love this church and the wonderful people who go there, counting children there are around 1,400 people. The most important of all is spreading the Gospel of Christ. I knew I would not be able to return in 2019 because of much needed knee surgery, but that would give time to start clearing the property for the 2020 revival.  

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