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Cash App - mfhcm

There are many ways to help this ministry, here is a list that will help.

Professional School Supplies

  • Tool Kit $40

  • Cordless Drill  $60

  • Tape Measure  $15

  • Sewing Machine $100

  • Material $20

  • Craft Supplies $50

  • Kitchen Supplies $25

  • Classroom Supplies $25

  • Computer $300 

Grandma with Orphaned Children

Cash App - mfhcm

Grace Abundant Christian Church

Missionaries, and Supplies

We are ready to start building, the cost is great and we need your help to plant this church in the mountains of Haiti. There is already more than 200 people ready to have a church to worship in. I give God all the praise that he led us to this spot. Not only are we feeding them nourishment for their body, but nourishment for their spirit. Sunday services are held now outside in the hot sun. If you would like to sow into this ministry, any amount....the cost will be $10,000 and the building will seat 200, with a open area out side for all to hear and receive the message. 


Basket of Groceries for a Family

When donating be sure to # the program you want to support!  Example: #groceriesforfamily

Baptiste of the Bible Church  Children's Celebration Program

Help Fight Malnutrition with a Bag of Rice 

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