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April 2021UPDATE: We are so happy to finally to start building Grace Abundant Church. Everyone is working hard, and we hope to have enough funds to finish by Dec. and to start school on the mountain by September. See Photo's below.) Now that our first piece of land has been purchased, the vision for MFHCM is starting to take place. In March,2020 we were able to hold a tent revival on the property. Because of the remote mountain area, we did not know what to expect. I remember thinking on the way to the property that we probably would not see many people, because they didn't know we were coming or that there would one day be a church there for them to worship. Pastor Lutes and his ministry team has gone before us to set up a tent. When we arrived we found people already waiting and through the tall grasses I could see heads bobbing up and down as they made there way up the hills. Today would be games for the children, soccer and football, singing, and ministry. And candy....lots of candy. What we found was very eye opening. Right away we saw at least 20 families that were in such need of food, the children were malnourished. Altogether there were around 200 souls that day. God will always send you where the need is....if you will listen..... It was a great day with fun for all. The next day our mission team Bob Stanley, Theresa Stanley, Brenda Mosby and Dillion Alshire was able to take enough 10 lb bags of rice to give to 25 families, plus people came for prayer. And your prayers are needed for the people of Grace Abundant Christian Church of Gonaives....pray first for the building of the church...pray how you can help. For the rice, $15 a month can buy a bag of rice for a family. paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

Phase 1completed, praise God he is Good. Much is needed to complete the church/school. please consider helping us with construction materials, concrete, columns need to be pored, and the second floor....lots of concrete, and rock. 

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