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February 2018 Mission Trip
  The Vision
When God call you to go. This trip was amazing and traveling with my friend Mary Lou Goodsell made it even more special. Traveling with Mary a long time veteran missionary to Haiti. Neither of us had ever been to this church in Gonaives or even met the pastor or the young man, who I knew from another mission but had not seen since he was a child. But God....sometimes you have to step out on faith and trust that God knows what he is doing. Starting a new mission is not an easy assignment. Pastor Lutes Luccee started sharing his vision for a new mission and I knew this was what God had also shown me. Wesner Petit-Frère is the young man who was the professor who taught English and other foreign languages at the school. His vision was also in line with our with the dreams of education for a better future for Haiti. We set about talking in meeting with several others about the beginning of the mission (My Father's House Christian Mission) the founding members are: Patricia Duarte, Lutes Luccee, Wesner Petit-Frère, Sylveste Etienne, Victor Abner,  and recording secretary Judeline Geffrard. Mary and I set about doing VBS for 300 children some sight seeing for the History of Gonaives then on to look at some properties available for sale. I knew when we step on the foothills of the mountain overlooking the Caribbean this was the place , but the price was just too steep for us.  But God....his word are forever.
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